June 25, 2020

Dear Sound Start Friends,                             

Your teachers and I met this week to look at our online summer class enrollment, ongoing expenses, and our options for reopening in person classes. After looking at all of these factors, we have determined that it is time to close Sound Start. It has been our honor and privilege to provide high-quality, research-based and FUN early childhood music classes in Philadelphia for the past 21 years (called "Little People's Music" from 1999-2007, called "The Music Class" from 2007-2017 and called "Sound Start" from 2017-2020). We have loved our time spent with your families and will cherish those memories. We hope that you will continue to sing, dance and make music in your homes for many years to come.

To continue attending classes online, families may enroll in a class through our Nashville, TN center. But do keep in mind that Nashville classes meet in the central time zone, which is one hour behind Philly. www.soundstartnashville.com  If you would like to attend online classes in Nashville, you'll need to have your family's account transferred to the Nashville center. To request this, contact The Music Class' office manager here.


You will continue to have access to your library of The Music Class song collections. If you have trouble accessing them with the app, please contact The Music class here.

If you would like to contact your teachers to say, "goodbye", I have included their contact information at the bottom of an  email that I sent out today with their permission. Please check your inbox.

With much gratitude,
Rachel Hoffman
Sound Start Owner/Director


Our Story

We began providing early childhood music classes for Philadelphia's families in 1999.

Some of our teachers taught classes from the very beginning. Ownership changed, however. Our classes were originally called Little People's Music which was started by Kathy Brown. In 2007, the business transitioned to Rob Sayer and became The Music Class, Inc.. On June 1, 2017 our long-time manager, Rachel Hoffman, became the owner and the name changed to Sound Start Early Childhood Music.

Since the beginning, we were very intentional about the content of our classes. Our goal was to help parents enhance their child's music development during the critical first years of life. We found The Music Class's award-winning, research based curriculum to be the most diverse, developmentally stimulating, and enjoyable curriculum available.

While our focus was always on music development, we heard countless stories of how our classes helped children develop social skills, motor skills, and speech skills. We have enjoyed watching your children flourish in our classes. We have enjoyed watching you flourish as parents. Thank you for being part of our story. We love you!

Rachel Hoffman

Sound Start Owner/Director

L-R: Lauren Krigel, Katie Drake, Vanda Thomas & Claire Drake